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»Increased efficiency, more reliability and maximum yield.«

The AVANTEC Jubilee

Since it was founded 25 years ago, AVANTEC has established itself in the field of metal machining: with highly efficient tool systems, intelligent manufacturing strategies and, above all, with a rigorous orientation to high positive machining.

We are proud of our company jubilee, which is why we want the joyful occasion in the second half of the year to be celebrated in a befitting manner – with a ceremonial act and accompanying communication measures.

Very much in the spirit of the customer orientation and openness that are our trademark, the upcoming actions will provide insights into our values, focusing on both people and their special characteristics that have contributed to the shared success. History

AVANTEC New building

A Company moves

Investment in innovation development, sustainable production and a common future

Since the founding 25 years ago, AVANTEC has established in the metal working area high efficient tooling systems, intelligent manufacturing systems with the consistent focus on high positive machining. There is much more that revolves around our proud 25th anniversary such as our new development in telecommunication tools and innovative products that strengthen media presence at trade shows and on the market.

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AVANTEC in Practice

Trebling performance: Cam milling with AVANTEC

Expert Tünkers GmbH in Lorsch is well-known for its automation components, which use index drives to generate the desired indexing time for linear or rotary operations. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, but also in packaging, pharmacy and beverage bottling. With regard to the most demanding manufacturing step of its rotary index tables, Expert Tünkers benefits from a longstanding partnership with AVANTEC.



Cam milling with AVANTEC

The patented design principle of Expert Tünkers enables low-maintenance and extremely efficient system construction for rotary index tables. The component that is the most time-consuming in terms of manufacture is the spiral roller made of various hardenable steel qualities.

Initially, the profile needs to be milled, which proved to be problematic for the following reason: the drives for the series were developed about 30 to 40 years ago!




That is why the special machines for cam milling and grinding also date from this period and are not available "off the peg". The machines at Expert Tünkers have therefore been maintained over the years and adapted to the state of the art again and again. The technology of the machines, their dynamics and performance, however, have long since failed to match the performance potential of modern tools. Milling was carried out for a long time with HSS milling cutters.



Cam milling with AVANTEC

In 2005, the first trials with shell end mills were started.  The complex milling geometry, however, meant that the geometry of the tool, the inserts and the insert seats, was not suitable. Constant insert breakage due to sporadic overload was the consequence. "We then carried out trials with several well-known tool manufacturers, with a wide variety of tool types and milling strategies," says Alexander von Schwech, responsible for work scheduling at Expert, "but we did not obtain a satisfactory outcome.




Cam milling with AVANTEC

All attempts failed again and again due to tool breakage." An innovative solution needed to be found. A visit by AVANTEC employee Ralf Unzeitig brought the new approach: a trial using high-feed milling cutters and inserts, or copy milling cutters and round inserts respectively


The first trial used high-feed inserts in a 63mm milling cutter with 6 inserts on an older DMU 80. Next, the 63mm copy milling cutter with its 5 round inserts was tested. Both systems worked without insert breakage.



Cam milling with AVANTEC

However, the control system struggled to cope with a 9m feed. A better outcome had been obtained with the copy insert. The copy system was therefore pursued further. 4.5m was now traversed with 1.0mm ap. It was not possible to get more from the DMU. A switch was therefore now made to Schiess Kopp, the actual target machine with a more powerful drive, 50mm steep-angle taper and therefore far higher possible infeeds. To be sure: the machine achieved only 2m feed, but with 3mm ap – without problems, without cutting fluid and without insert breakage.



Cam milling with AVANTEC

The result was now transferred to the entire series of groove widths, with milling cutter diameters of between 32 and 125 and optimised parameters in each case. The savings compared with earlier HSS tools were enormous: there were savings on cutting fluid, and primary and secondary processing times were reduced by 80%. The processes are now 5 times as quick. To reduce the throughput times further still, an investment was made in new machine tool technologies, in powerful turning-milling centres and milling-turning centres with up to 10 axes.




The capacity of these machines enabled the throughput time of all parts to be more than halved and flexibility to be acquired: while manufacture of the rollers for the flexible rotary tables as one of many parts groups has become standard on the turning-milling centres, the fixed indexing rollers are being manufactured on the milling-turning centres. On these machines, the AVANTEC milling cutters were able to display their full performance profile with a further doubling and trebling of the milling performance.



The People behind AVANTEC

»The performance of our systems stems from the intelligent synthesis of various things. The sum of the little things makes for success«

(Gustav Werthwein)

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AVANTEC turns 25

There is something major to celebrate

It is not every day that you turn 25 years of age, which is why we will celebrate our jubilee this year in a befitting manner. You can see the signet devised for this purpose here. You will find our company history here.

With verve at the Trade Fair

Successful presentation

Even after our presentation at the EMO Hannover 2013, the conclusion that we drew was positive without exception. You can see our stand at the renowned international trade fair here.

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AVANTEC 2012 campaign

This attention-grabbing campaign is still has a "wow" effect today: our "forbiddingly efficient" tools turn your production into a "crime scene".