The new AVANTEC® cutters

It's all about Q – the new AVANTEC® cutters

With the new AVANTEC® cutters, it's all about “Q”. For, apart from precision, useful life and technical design, it is its maximum chip volume “Q” that makes a tool stand out in practical application as far as economic efficiency is concerned.

more about the new AVANTEC® cutters

The new AVANTEC® cutters

Q – The movie

Q – The movie

It took us about two minutes to sum up what makes the world of machining go round and what AVANTEC® milling cutters are made for: the maximum chip volume per time unit ... Q.

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Machining BIG

Pioneering Spirit

Inside the plant of Industrie Meccaniche Cimolai they are realizing 16 steel beams, each weighing 760 tons. Their destination: the allseas project.  Fundamentally important in this machining process is the role of the tools. That‘s why they come from Avantec.  

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Products – Face milling cutters

Avantop KC1.1 Face milling cutter

Avantop KC1.1 – Depth of cut 3.5 mm at ø 50–125 mm

A universal star of high positive cast iron and steel machining. Its cut is soft and it protects the machine’s spindle and guideways.

The wedge system provides additional support for the indexable inserts. For combined maximum Q and high surface quality.

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The People behind AVANTEC

»Those who know us know that we are authentic – genuine, direct and honest. And this is exactly how we wish to continue on our journey together with our partners and customers.«

(Uli Werthwein)



AVANTEC Training Courses

Training course information

Learning from professionals

AVANTEC, as a quality-conscious specialist, has focused uncompromisingly on the core tasks in machining technology and would like to pass on this knowledge to you. In our training facilities, we offer regular courses, at which you can extend your existing knowledge in terms of booth practice and theory. more

Dates in 2016

Dates in 2016







upcoming trade fairs 2016

Next chance to experience AVANTECs products and solutions "live" at the AMB 2016.

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AVANTEC in Pictures

The catalogue

This is how beautiful performance can be

Experience the product diversity of AVANTEC® in spectacular photographic productions! The new catalogue is available for you to download here. Catalogue Download

Successful presentation at the AMB

Successful presentation at the AMB

Even after our presentation at the AMB in Stuttgart 2016, the conclusion that we drew was positive without exception. You can see our stand at the renowned international trade fair here.