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Milling with one objective: your maximum Q.

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Review EMO 2019

Thank you very much!

For your time.

To all of you who took the time to visit AVANTEC at the EMO. For us, the discussions about your production requirements – with familiar faces and new prospects – are always a highlight and important source of new ideas for innovative solutions.

to the Review EMO 2019
InFocus New Tools | PDF

Video BR20


For process reliable broaching*

Broaching tool BR20

* When broaching the keyways for our tool bodies, our production team kept running into unexpected problems. Then we designed the specific tool BR20. Now we have a stable and reliable broaching process.

Key Application High Precision

Video CW90


For max. Q with powerful smoothness*

Shell end mill CW90

* Especially for hobbing and corner milling, even for face milling – with outstanding Q performance.

Key Application Heavy Duty

Seminars 2019/2020

Seminars 2020

AVANTEC Seminars

Maximum Q – use the entire performance potential

Extend your knowledge, identify potential, implement improvements – perfect your milling results by using our innovative milling technologies and extensive tool know-how.

In the AVANTEC seminars, you will learn about cutting-edge developments in the world of milling and machining and about new solutions providing more quality, higher precision, lower costs. We offer two modules:

Seminar Q | Heavy Duty & High Feed
Seminar Q | High Precision & Finishing

More information and scheduled dates | Registration