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Milling with one objective: your maximum Q.

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New Tools UD90 und OE45

The latest tools … more Q power, longer tool life and even more precise.

They made their successful debut at the AMB 2018. Discover the latest options for universal HPC machining and for high-alloyed steel heavy chip removal.

Discover new tools

Review IMTS 2018 and AMB 2018

Focus Heavy Duty at IMTS and AMB

How to turn heavy duty into easy-going processes.

Rediscover heavy duty machining

What does “heavy duty machining” mean in your eyes? Powerful performance, high chip volumes, massive work pieces and robust machines? Yes, those are the familiar attributes. However, the world of heavy duty machining is changing.

Review IMTS and AMB 2018

Heavy Duty

Focus 2018: Heavy Duty

Today, many work pieces are already more heat resistant, stable and more precise: Going forward, what work piece quality and process reliability challenges will the new high temperature resistant and alloyed (composite) materials confront us with? We’ll show you solutions that will allow you to further maximize your chip volume Q even when things get really tough.

Topic: Focus Heavy Duty

Uli Werthwein Interview

Lateral thinking is a great tool

About the 2018 AVANTEC agenda 2018, four key applications and the thing called “Q.”

Maxi Q interviews Uli Werthwein. One of the insights: Why machines can utilize the Q-potential more effectively with greater stability and power. Plus: Who pioneered the lateral thought process?

To the interview | PDF

High Precision

How do you define precision?

In the world of machining, we rise to the challenge of “precision” in the classical triangle relationship of workpiece, machine and tool. And the result: providing high precision has extremely gratifying side effects: the maximization of Q, significant cost reductions and increased productivity. It is well worth reflecting on precision and what it’s all about.

Seminars 2018

Seminars 2018

AVANTEC Seminars 2018

Maximum Q – use the entire performance potential

Extend your knowledge, identify potential, implement improvements – perfect your milling results by using our innovative milling technologies and extensive tool know-how.

In the 2018 AVANTEC® seminars, you will learn about cutting-edge developments in the world of milling and machining and about new solutions providing more quality, higher precision, lower costs. We offer two modules:

Seminar Q1 | Heavy Duty & High Feed
Seminar Q2 | High Precision & Finishing

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