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Focus on the strenghts

Dear Readers,

It hasn’t been easy for all of us for quite some time now; hardly any encouraging news from the political world, little effective action on the social and labour market issues that are important for our SMEs, extreme cost pressure at all levels, and the outlook cannot be described as optimistic in view of the economic forecasts, even if what is predicted rarely comes true.

All the more reason to keep going! Seeing the big picture, showing initiative, focusing on our strengths, having good ideas and creating new opportunities; 2023 will be a successful year for AVANTEC, not in every respect, but in many.

We have broadened our horizons through existing and new collaborations with machine tool manufacturers and partners from the clamping device and measurement technology sectors, as well as technical colleges, universities, and institutes. In the best case scenario, this results in valuable advanced knowledge as well as product innovations on all sides. A look at over 30 years of user experience confirms to us that AVANTEC tools are time and again the impetus for our customers‘ own innovations. This is also the case with the “New Generation”, with which we were able to secure challenging projects.

In 2024, we will place greater emphasis on the subject of finishing. Our EK90 finishing tool and its somewhat more recent SK90 modification repeatedly demonstrate significant advantages in „finishing“ – the results are simply outstanding! We also remain focused on titanium machining and the machining of rails and switches. So that we know how to set the latter correctly.

Best regards

Your Uli Werthwein

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