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In cast iron and steel materials for top-quality in finishing

Some look for flatness when finishing, e.g. large castings such as cylinder heads and housings, the others require high surface quality as with printing units with rz values below 5 μm.

In order for both users to master their challenges, the basis must be right: The micro-precise presetting of the cutting edges. The EK90 and SK90 finishing tools have a unique cassette system that quickly and easily brings all cutting edges to size and thus achieves an axial run-out of 3 μm. This high-precision presetting allows the EK90 and SK90 to finish at a feed rate of 5 mm per revolution – finishing professionals know that‘s fast!

Simply preset with high precision. The SK90 on Zoller presetting device

Finishing cutters SK90 and EK90 with unique cassette system for easy micro-precision presetting – fast and with high precision for perfect flatness and surface finish

In addition, in combination with today‘s presetting devices, non-productive time for presetting is drastically reduced. The focus on the requirements is crucial for the right choice of indexable inserts and optimum results.

Our wiper edge insert compacts the surface to the required rz even without too much pressure, a sharp-edged indexable insert achieves top flatness especially in steel materials, and for workpieces prone to vibration it is better to use narrow face cutters to reduce the axial pressure. As standard, the SK90 and EK90 are available from Ø 63 to 160 mm, and up to 300 mm diameter if only one finishing milling path is required.

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