AVANTEC® Seminars 2018

Maximum Q – use the entire performance potential

Extend your knowledge, identify potential, implement improvements – perfect your milling results by using our innovative milling technologies and extensive tool know-how.

In the 2018 AVANTEC® seminars, you will learn about cutting-edge developments in the world of milling and machining and about new solutions providing more quality, higher precision, lower costs. We offer two modules:

Seminar Q1 | Heavy Duty & High Feed
Seminar Q2 | High Precision & Finishing

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Seminars 2018

AVANTEC – High precision

How do you define precision?

Dimensions of 1/100 mm? Or even up to 1 µm? Anyway – that would be accuracy. Precision, on the other hand, is the capability to reproduce accuracy. In other words: To achieve the feat of stable accuracy, you need precision. In the world of machining, we rise to the challenge of “precision” in the classical triangle relationship of workpiece, machine and tool. And the result: providing high precision has extremely gratifying side effects: the maximization of Q, significant cost reductions and increased productivity. It is well worth reflecting on precision and what it’s all about.

Four key applications – one objective: max. Q

Heavy-duty milling, dynamic high feed milling, precision milling, super finishing surface milling – all with max. Q

Automotive and aerospace, renewable energies, mechanical/ plant engineering, tool making, hydraulics and fluid technology… when we deliver an Avantec® tool to any customer – whether it is a standard or customized solution – we also provide one very significant advantage for every imaginable application: maximum chip volume Q.

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Q – The movie

Q – The movie

It took us about two minutes to sum up what makes the world of machining go round and what AVANTEC® milling cutters are made for: the maximum chip volume per time unit ... Q.

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Successful presentation at the EMO 2017

Successful presentation at the EMO 2017

'The EMO 2017 has clearly demonstrated that it deserves its title of 'world leading trade fair for metal processing', said Uli Werthwein, CEO. Our team at the booth was constantly at work and had qualified and high-level customer discussions. Six excellent days! "