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Customer Magazine GO No. 15 2024

The 15th edition

The Tool: Constant source for better manufacturing processes

Utilising the value of individual solutions: For more productivity, precision, and process reliability. Implemented with standard and special tools.

Topics overview
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Seminars 2024

NEW: Q-Seminars with technology partners –

by experts for professionals

We have always focussed on the challenges from daily user practice. Together with technology partners, we develop solutions that you can implement in your production environment. Join us and get involved.

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New Tools

The new titanium class

You want to optimize machining times, maximize tool travel, make processes reliable, reduce the cost per part – the titanium class provides the field-tested solutions you need to achieve your goals in a focused way.

More about the new titanium class

New Tools Solid Carbide

New product line SC Solid Carbide

Performance promise

AVANTEC milling cutters with indexable inserts guarantee soft cuts, long tool life and maximum Q. Our customized solutions have become successful standard practice for daily use. The new solid carbide milling cutters are going to continue this success story and will set new benchmarks for tool life, process reliability, quality and chip volume Q.

To the data

AVANTEC Zerspantechnik – It’s all about Q

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It’s all about Q

In the world of machining, it’s all about Q, the chip volume per time unit.

Economic efficiency. Profit. And every single chip is a part of this.

Pockets, corners, chamfers, grooves, surfaces, webs, radii, contours … in the end, it is about achieving your goal with the tools used: the maximum chip volume “Q”.

This is what AVANTEC milling cutters are made for. For maximum Q – for your success.