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AVANTEC Zerspantechnik
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Exhibitions – EMO 2023 Hanover

It’s showtime at the river Leine!

As from September 18th until 23rd, our team is at the EMO in Hanover. There will be some highlights AVANTEC is coming up with that are fitting very well for the main theme »Innovate Manufacturing«. We look forward to seeing our customers again in person. To them and to all those who would like to get to know AVANTEC – a warm welcome!

EMO 2023 Preview

Seminars 2023

Seminars Q –

from experts for pros

Mill with a focus! We will take a look at the challenges faced in daily user practice. Together, we will develop solutions that you will put into practice in your manufacturing world. And on top of that: Everything that’s good to know about current developments and innovations in the world of machining.

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Slot milling cutter GN18 | The new generation

A unique way of cutting and slotting?

Slot milling cutter GN18

Test the GN18 now!

AVANTEC Zerspantechnik – It’s all about Q

It’s all about Q

In the world of machining, it’s all about Q, the chip volume per time unit.

Economic efficiency. Profit. And every single chip is a part of this.

Pockets, corners, chamfers, grooves, surfaces, webs, radii, contours … in the end, it is about achieving your goal with the tools used: the maximum chip volume “Q”.

This is what AVANTEC milling cutters are made for. For maximum Q – for your success.