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AVANTEC Zerspantechnik
Groundbreaking Solutions
Innovative Tools

The new generation

Face milling cutter OE45 | The new generation

The OE45 – a true chip glutton


Test the OE45 now!

High Feed cutter UD90 | The new generation

This is how high feed cutting works with maximum Q.


Test the UD90 now!

The new catalog

Creating groundbreaking solutions together.

Make use of our experience and our know-how.

The new machine tool catalog provides you with every important and essential information needed to optimally plan and implement the use of our milling tools at your manufacturing plant and production line.

You know our motto: First comes the solution. Then comes our tool. And then your success.

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User Practice

Proven in practice –

challenges solved

The best references can still be found in daily practice with the users themselves. At the beginning of a success story there is the question: what can be done better and how can you achieve this? The following practical examples show the results that our customers have achieved together with AVANTEC.

To the user practice

AVANTEC Zerspantechnik – It’s all about Q

It’s all about Q

In the world of machining, it’s all about Q, the chip volume per time unit.

Economic efficiency. Profit. And every single chip is a part of this.

Pockets, corners, chamfers, grooves, surfaces, webs, radii, contours … in the end, it is about achieving your goal with the tools used: the maximum chip volume “Q”.

This is what AVANTEC milling cutters are made for. For maximum Q – for your success.