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High Precision

Milling operations that meet the most exacting precision standards.

Work piece quality is always the result of the optimum interplay of numerous components. In this context, precision is the most critical benchmark. The boundaries that determine when the roughing tool alone will do and when an additional finishing tool is required are increasingly blurred. AVANTEC milling cutters can often handle both.

Side milling cutter TB18 – optimal for narrow tolerances in radial and axial runout, extremely stable triangular insert housing, very smooth running by using left and right inserts.

Our shell end mill MM90 is a prime example of maximum chip removal volume along with wide cutting widths and the highest possible precision.

How do you define precision?

In the world of machining, we rise to the challenge of “precision” in the classical triangle relationship of workpiece, machine and tool. And the result: providing high precision has extremely gratifying side effects: the maximization of Q, significant cost reductions and increased productivity. It is well worth reflecting on precision and what it’s all about.

MM90 in action

It’s rolling, rolling, rolling…

Just one tool required for high precision and max. Q

172 mm cutting depth paired with outstanding precision – in just a third of the time it originally took … The new MM90 shell end mill delivers extraordinary results in machining slide bearing elements for energy rotors.

TB18 in action milling tram rails

Process reliability: 100%

High Precision Milling of 8 m Tram Rails

They’re 46 mm deep, 12 mm wide and 8000 mm long – milled into Hardox 450 with a TB18 side milling cutter. Absolute process reliability is priority one – after all, the slot machining has to be perfectly exact across the entire length of the track section. If it isn’t, things will get costly.