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Standard tooling and customized solutions

First comes the solution. Then comes our tool. And then your success.

High positive milling – soft cutting with max. Q

We are high positive machining pioneers and industry drivers. AVANTEC milling cutter solutions set the benchmark in standard tooling and customized turnkey projects. When it comes to chip volume Q, outstanding precision and cost effectiveness.

Indexable inserts
Indexable inserts

Polished precision with innovative micro-geometries, coating processes and substrates.

Indexable inserts

Broaching tools
Broaching tools

For process reliable broaching

Broaching tools

Shell end mills
Multiring and shell end mills

Maximum Q with vast cutting widths; very smooth running processes.

Multiring | Shell end mills

Face milling cutters
Face milling cutters and finishing cutters

Massive roughing and ultrafine surface finishing.

Face milling cutters | Finishing cutters

Side milling cutters
Side milling cutters and slot milling cutters

Optimal precision for narrow tolerances in radial and axial runout

Side milling cutters | Slot milling cutters

Copy milling cutters
Copy milling cutters and high feed cutters

Soft cutting high feed for pockets, surfaces, slots …

Copy milling cutters | High feed cutters

Shoulder milling cutters and shank end mills
Shoulder milling cutters, shank end mills

Extreme stability combined with large loads and high feed rates.

Shoulder milling cutters | Shank end mills

T-slot and circular milling cutters
T-slot and circular milling cutters

High power milling and T-slot base machining.

T-slot and circular milling cutters