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Copy milling cutters and high feed cutters

High performance milling with max. Q

Copy milling cutters are specifically designed for high performance milling jobs that require extreme precision. The stable embedding of the indexable inserts delivers the required stability for precision and maximum Q in all machining applications, such as pocket milling or 90°-machining.

Copy milling cutters and high feed cutters


High Feed cutters UD90

High Feed cutter UD90

  • The versions with Ø 16-50 mm are optimal for powerful milling on live tooling lathes and machining centers with rather low rigidity and drive power
  • DIN tool holders with standard adaptation shank and spindle connection for HSK, Capto and SK
  • Suitable for universal use, with 4-cutting edge UDGT indexable insert, in particular for high alloy steels
  • “Soft” cutting ensures maximum metal removal rate Q even in case of extreme overhang
  • Ideal for pocket milling
  • Remarkable finishing quality even at high feed rates
  • Excellent surface quality
Ramp angle 0.8° – 4°
Diameter 16 – 160 mm
ap Depth of cut 1.0 – 3.0 mm
fz Feed rate per tooth 0.45 – 2.1 mm

Download data sheet UD90

Copy milling cutters RO18

Copy milling cutter RO18

  • The RDGX indexable insert with facets prevents twisting and defines the fixation in the tool body
  • The axial and radial cutting angle guarantees a soft cut
Ramp angle 2.0° – 6.0°
Diameter 20 – 125 mm
ap Depth of cut 5.0 – 8.0 mm
fz Feed rate per tooth 0.25 – 1.0 mm

Download data sheet RO18 | PDF