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Mill with a focus

The new generation of AVANTEC milling cutters

The objective: Every manufactured part is a good part.
100% quality at the lowest cost per part.

But you also know only too well, how specific requirements and challenges are. Suddenly, there are vibrations! The tool life is too short, the machining time too long. Finding out the “why” and setting the right focus … that’s what we stand for! Where others are at their wit’s end, that’s where we start to find – together with you – the best solution.

The new generation | Media center

Slot milling cutter GN18

A unique way of cutting and slotting?

Avant Easy Change | Shoulder milling cutter TS90

Better milling with a clever head

Face milling cutter HD60

The HD60 – Here is one for those with real power

Face milling cutter OE45

The OE45 – a true chip glutton

High Feed cutter UD90

This is how high feed cutting works with maximum Q.

Side milling cutter CB18

The precise way to reach your goal.

Shell end mill CW90

CW90 to reach your goal with max Q.

Shoulder milling cutter CV90

The stable way to reach your goal

The new generation


Mill with a focus

With AVANTEC | CEO Uli Werthwein

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