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Triloc Program

Triloc stability for long cantilever arms

The Triloc holder and the Triloc milling cutters form a stable interface for long cantilever arms and boast an outstanding radial runout precision. The Triloc program is a proven solution designed for maximum Q.

Triloc Program


Triloc holders
  • Particularly stable connection for long overhangs
  • Extremely high radial run out precision
  • Extremely precise change accuracy
  • Also available with vibration dampening
Copy milling cutters Triloc RO18

Ramp angle 3.0° – 5.0°
Diameter 25 – 40 mm
ap Depth of cut 5.0 mm
fz feed rate per tooth 0.25 – 1 mm
High Feed cutters UD90 Triloc

Ramp angle 2.5° + 3.5°
Diameter 32 + 40 mm
ap Depth of cut 1.7 mm
fz feed rate per tooth 0.45 – 1.5 mm
Shoulder milling cutters HC90 Triloc

Kappa angle 90°
Diameter 28 + 35 mm
ap Depth of cut 8.0 mm
hmax 0.08 – 0.25 mm