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EMO 2019 Preview

Maximum Q – The next level.
For your success.

Some manufacturers have to increase their productivity levels time and time again by maximizing their processes’ cutting volume. There are many others who are in the market for longer and longer tool life cycles. This is not always compatible with the more Q objective. Or is it? No matter what your current or future manufacturing needs are – with new ideas and innovative solutions, we offer tool performances that simply set benchmarks.

MM90 shell end mill

Milling innovations

CW90 shell end mill

Shell end mill CW90

For max. Q with powerful smoothness

The CW90 is the beefiest among our porcupine cutters for hobbing and corner milling, it even masters face milling jobs. Its core is extremely stable; the cutting force absorption into the tool body is optimal. The indexable inserts’ large hard metal volume provides better heat dissipation. Its Q-performance is outstanding.

  • 4-cutting edge tangential indexable insert
  • Cutting edge length up to 1.5 x D
  • Extremely stable tool core
  • Large plate seat contact surface
  • Optimum cutting force absorption
ap Depth of cut up to 1.5 x D
Kappa angle 90°
Diameter 63 mm
hmax 0.08 – 0.2 mm

GN18 slot milling cutter

Slot milling cutter GN18

For fine cutting and severing

The new GN18 is a standard milling cutter. It slits and severs. It has double-cutting edge indexable inserts that are positively connected. This makes the GN18 extraordinarily reliable. And fast. Moreover, it boasts a compact design. To accommodate more teeth. They deliver… more Q.

  • Double-cutting edge indexable insert
  • Widths of cut from 2.5 mm
  • Excellent cutting force distribution
  • Fine tooth pitch
  • High feed rates
Diameter 80 – 160 mm
Width of cut B(h11) 2.5 – 4 mm
Zeff 8 – 24

broaching tool BR20

Broaching tool BR20

For process reliable broaching

To recap the story: When broaching the keyways for our tool bodies, our production team kept running into unexpected problems. This caused vexation in the team. This vexation remained. Then we designed a specific tool. No more vexation. Instead, we have a stable and reliable broaching process. We are pleased. Our new broaching tool has been cleared for distribution. We call it BR20.

  • Double-cutting edge indexable insert
  • Best cutting and gliding characteristics
  • High cutting data even at low machine performance levels
  • Highly stable cutting edge support
  • Polished precision indexable inserts
  • Internal cooling
ap Depth of cut 0.05 mm
Slot width 4 – 12 mm
all within tolerance class C11

Premieres and Highlights

  • A new addition to the AVANTEC product portfolio: The AVANTEC BR20 Broaching Tool – High positivity ensures increased process reliability and high precision
  • Slot milling cutter GN18 – increased RPM speed, more teeth with twin-cutting indexable insert
  • Shell end mill CW90 – more teeth, more cutting edges, more stability … more Q
  • High feed milling cutter UD90 – more than 25 versions of high-performance sprinters and tenacious marathon runners

16-21 september 2019

It’s all about Q

First comes the solution.
Then our tool.
And then your success.

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