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Review IMTS 2018 and AMB 2018

Focus Heavy Duty
Rediscover heavy duty machining

What does “heavy duty machining” mean in your eyes? Powerful performance, high chip volumes, massive work pieces and robust machines? Yes, those are the familiar attributes. However, the world of heavy duty machining is changing and it is already more diverse and sophisticated today.

New, extremely high-tensile and heat-resistant materials combined with complex geometries, hairsplitting precision and function-driven high surface qualities are turning the machining process into, quite literally, a “heavy duty task.” Moreover, in conjunction with higher quality work pieces, the production process as such has to be even more flexible, productive and reliable.

Regardless of which “heavy duties” your machine tool and tool team is tasked to chip – AVANTEC solutions make it an easy-going process with maximum Q.

Maxi Q Heavy Duty

It's all about Q

How to turn heavy duty into easy-going processes.

No matter whether you are milling highly precise full slots on a 10 x 2 m path into a rotor hub with a diameter of 3 m or rough and finish a flange in 12 seconds as part of a large series automotive production run – the objective is the same: Attain optimum quality with maximum Q each time.

AVANTEC® milling cutters deliver stable and reliable solutions for your heavy duty applications: Soft cutting results, high positive cutters and extremely stable designs.

new milling cutter OE45

Tool diameter 100 mm
ap Depth of cut 4 mm
ae Width of cut 75 mm
vf Feed rate 4000 mm/min
Material 1.2312 | 40CrMnMoS8-6
Chip volume Q 1200 cm3/min

new UD90

Ramp angle 3.8°
Diameter 40 – 125 mm
ap Depth of cut 2,0 mm
fz Feed rate per tooth 1,2 – 2 mm

IMTS 2018

Avantec auf der IMTS

Avantec Stand IMTS

Avantec auf der IMTS

Avantec auf der IMTS

Avantec auf der IMTS

Avantec auf der IMTS

AMB 2018

Avantec auf der AMB

auf dem Avantec Stand

Gespräche auf der AMB

Boger und Benz auf dem Avantec Stand

Gespräche auf der AMB

Avantec auf der AMB

It’s all about Q

First comes the solution.
Then comes our tool.
And then your success.