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It’s all about Q

But you’d never manufacture it in this way!

It’s all about Q – the film

True. You wouldn’t. But this did not prevent us from machining “our Q”. We processed seven steel elements on our training and demonstration unit.

Put together, they form the letter Q – the symbol for the formula used to calculate the chip volume per time unit. This “Q” symbolizes our guiding theme: to always achieve the maximum chip volume Q in addition to highest precision, perfect chip flow and long life distances. The outstanding feature of every AVANTEC milling cutter.

Action heroes

Eleven AVANTEC milling cutters have taken a part as representatives of the complete AVANTEC tool program. From extreme heavy-duty machining to high feed copy milling to finest surface finishing. Pockets, grooves, chamfers, contours – in performing its specific processing operations each action hero has done its best – its maximum Q.

Planfräser Avantop KC1.1
Face milling cutter Avantop KC1.1

Film Heavy Duty | Face milling cutter Avantop KC1.1

Kopierfräser Primavant UP90
Copy milling cutter Primavant UP90

Film High Feed | Copy milling cutter Primavant UP90

Maximum Q – for your success

It's all about Q – Maxi Q

Industry and work piece specific standard tooling and custom tailored machining solutions. AVANTEC milling cutters set the benchmark in high volume machining. Choose maximum Q and highest precision.

We are always at your service and will be happy to advise you on your specific task at hand. First comes the solution. Then comes our tool. And then your success.

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