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T-slot milling cutters and circular milling cutters

High Performance Standard

For high performance T-slot milling with high feed rates and depths of cut. Also suitable for groove bottom machining in circular milling applications. Tangentially installed indexable inserts warrant optimum chip removal paired with high performance at all times.

T-slot and circular milling cutters


T-slot milling cutters ET90

  • 4-cutting edge EN indexable insert
  • High performance T-slot milling cutters, DIN 650-compliant
  • Excellent chip removal thanks to tangentially installed indexable insert
Kappa angle 90°
Diameter 32 – 48 mm
hmax 0.08 – 0.15 mm

Download ET90 | PDF

Circular milling cutters TZ18

Circular milling cutter TZ18

  • Standard for all circlip grooves
  • Three-side embedding of the circular indexable insert
  • Ideal for groove bottom machining
Diameter 25 + 40 mm
ap Depth of cut 1.4 – 2.2 mm
hmax 0.06 – 0.1 mm

Download TZ18 | PDF